After more than 30 years in the high-end shoe market, it was time for us to employ our insight and know-how directly for our clients. We realize that many brands costing upwards of a thousand dollars are purchased for name recognition – they may look good and convey status, but upon closer scrutiny, the shoes’ craftsmanship and quality don’t justify their often elevated pricing.

Our clients are professionals who prefer a shoe that is well-built, stylish, timeless, and affordable. To achieve that goal, we carefully engaged an experienced in-house team of crafts persons and designers working from our Hamilton, New Jersey and New Hope, Pennsylvania facilities. From artisan designs to the selection of materials; from hand-finishing to our leather dying process; from final construction, to packing, inspection, and shipping, our attention to detail is unequaled in the industry, and will be noticed as you enjoy years of comfortable and stylish footwear use.

At G. Brown, we believe shoes should be made to seamlessly transfer from day to night; from weekday to weekend; and from dress to casual. First and foremost, we design and craft our shoes so that they are comfortable, well-constructed, handsome, and above all, affordable. When you purchase a pair of G. Brown shoes you will quickly realize we have met and exceeded our design and manufacturing goals, proudly launching our signature collection.

We are excited about the future and what our team at G. Brown shoes is creating.