The January Blues

We are officially in 2022, a year we have been waiting for, excited for, and maybe even hoping for. As we move past the MLK weekend, we are forced to realize we are now halfway through January and one step closer towards the spring season. 

Our closets are maintaining their status, giving us a glimpse of what is to come. Usually the month of January is quiet in the retail world-maybe using a gift card here and there. But normally we like to wait for our next big trip or the spring season to come around. After all, spring just hits a little different. 

So while we all go through the January Blues together, let's remember sun and warmth are bound to blossom any day. We are anxiously awaiting our next shopping spree, leaving some room in our closets for the next best purchase. 

Our thoughts:

Spring is a great time for a new penny loafer, a moccasin, and even a new sneaker. Our favorite time of year to bring out the shoes we don't get to wear year round.

 We are excited to bring our best-selling sneaker, the Puff, to the website soon. On  top of our older styles, we will be introducing five new Puffs to the family. The sneaker that is as light as a feather is worth the wait. 



Another best-seller: our Cannons. Even though they are a year round shoe, not all of the unique color combinations are meant for all four seasons. The spring is our favorite time to highlight lighter tans, dark browns, and all shades in between. The hues of these colors are especially highlighted in the sunlight, when the undertones are best seen.
January 19, 2022 — Elizabeth Brown